Saturday, June 18, 2011



I off today and I was lolling around, playing with afrina. It was already 2 weeks I was working there at Wan Nadzir & Co, applying whatever that I got during the class into the real life. I would say it was interesting.

Last week, I was doing accounting. The very first company that I did was Klinik Pergigian Noris. Know what the beautiful of the accounting is not only 1 plus 1, can be any numbers yet it was also updating us with many info that we doesn't know and aware of. As in, before this I never know what locum is, but now when I come across that word I was like ok I know it already..Haha

This week, I was doing taxation. I once computed the tax, doing e-filling. It was enjoyable, for me.

I never done auditing yet. And I think it is though. Travelling, asking evidences where the clients wont easily give it you unless you are fierce enough. Haha. Exaggerating.

Being in the real accounting life is fun and sometimes annoying too. You know it is hard to read their hand writing, obviously doctors would be. haha. And their, no 'I don't want too high profit', 'eh, biaq betoi loss besaq sgt, tipu ni' and macam - macam lagi. Haha. Somtimes it's sickening.

But know what how far they want to avoid paying high tax, auditors were there and says ehem, ehem documents mari. No, it's not true and it will reveal the truth. And also LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri/Inland Revenue Board) will never ever allow that. They are smart too.

What an interesting and whoww experience :)