Friday, July 16, 2010

Time Really Flies

Salam Alayk

Today is Friday. Again. Weekend comes in. It's just so fast. Isn't? Thinking of what I have done for this whole week. Hmm yaa, but well, time wait for no man, right? Agree? Yes, I do.
Okay! Let it be. Tadaa~
Ha! Writing in English. Haha. Malay people used to say, "buang tabiat ke??" Huhu. It's just something in sudden after a long while I'm not writing in English. Lalala. I'm gonna to ignore it. That's it. Huhu.
P/s : Know what..I'm refraining myself from writing in Malay right now. But somehow, my inner side said , malay malay malay. Haha. Just because I think my malay vocub is better. Kot. Haha. But somehow, it just can't. My english seems to get worse. Terrible bad. And now I need to sharpen it.
L. A. N. G. U. A. G. E. . I. S . . A. . L. I. F. E. L. O. N. G. . P. R. O. C. E. S. S
* * * * *
Okay, new setting background. This time should be a bit serious. Ha. No laughing.
Stern reminder. Laughing is disallowed. But grin from ear to ear is allowed :D Haha. What rule is this?
Syahida. Jangan merapu. Ha, don't!
Sorry for inconvenience.
Now, let's continue. It was raining just now. At first, tak perasan. Leka doing homework. But then, when someone was knocking the door, I got to it and opened. Huhu. Oh, it's raining. Wind blew, touching my face. Haa, teruja. Cool and calm comes in. Hello hello can I crawl into your heart? And for sure it can. hehe.
Thanks ALLAH for all. It is you that motivated me. Your amazing creation. Thanks ALLAH

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